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The Nardiello Family: July 2011

The Nardiello Family

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ticker Change Friday!

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can start posting about this pregnancy.

Friday is the day that my pregnancy ticker changes, meaning I move to the next week of the pregnancy. Today, I am 13 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a long road but we are only 3 days away from the 2nd trimester.  The first trimester wasn't that bad, besides the heat and the exhaustion. There is no napping when you are chasing a 2.5 year old.

This week the baby is a size of a peach!

The baby is forming teeth and vocal cords and the baby is actually approaching normal proportions. Pretty exciting.

So far this pregnancy has has one similarity to my last, no morning sickness! I know, I am really blessed not to have to experience that. I have heard of some nightmare stories from other moms. I do have more heartburn and food aversions. I also like a lot more sweets then I did with Henry. My teeth might fall out ;)

All in all though it has been great and we can't be more excited!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I scored this at lunch today....

Apparently, Target is getting rid of some furniture in stores and I got this for $25! We didn't have a changing table with Henry because his room was too small. I could not pass it up for $25. We are going to paint it a bright color once we know what the nursery theme is going to be.

You think Charlie will put it together for me tonight - ha!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Groundhog Day.

Seems like a strange title for a post doesn't it? Does it make you think of cold and dark February weather with no end to winter in sight? Or maybe you think of the movie where Bill Murray repeats the day over and over again.

You might also be thinking, Amy it's only July why are you talking about Groundhog Day, well it's because of this..........

Yep, our little groundhog!

Henry is proud to announce he is going to be a BIG BROTHER on or around February 2, 2012.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Where has the month gone?

I guess this month was a little too busy for me to blog. I made a promise to myself that I would blog at least 10 times a month...ooops!

Anywho, we got back from vacation on Saturday. It was a much needed vacation for the whole family. We went to the beach, we played arcade games, we ate, we rode rides, we saw old friends, we had pictures taken and so much more! Henry was a gem on vacation and he LOVED the ocean - I mean LOVED the ocean. I think he could have spent the entire day jumping the waves. The problem was our backs could not. We had to take turns swining him through the waves. Sometimes he would sit and let us rest but most times not. I was shocked at how much he loved it.

Yesterday, we dropped him off with Gayle and Grandpa. We had so many errands to run and cleaning to do we thought he would have more fun with them. Of course, he did. They got to go to the pool and frolic while we went grocery shopping and cleaned.

We also got to meet friends new baby boy! OMG, he was adorable, simply adorable. He had more hair then Henry and it was dark. I never saw a baby with so much hair. Ryan was only a week old and he was a quiet baby. Did I mention, he was adorable????

After dinner at Grandpa and Gayle's we came home for a quiet evening and trying to get prepared for the week. Henry started his new school this morning. I was a nervous wreck, Henry on the other hand seemed to be fine.

Charlie and I both took him, which worked out well. He was such a big boy. He talked to his new teacher and he was so excited to play in the giant playhouse they had. Hopefully, the day will do well for him. He was excited that he was going to be sleeping on a cot and not a mat on the floor. Whatever, makes him happy.

This week is another busy one but hopefully, I will get a another post or two in soon. The blog is getting a face lift and I can't wait!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Daycares are a Changing.....

I finally got up the strength to move Henry to a new daycare. For the past six months I have been driving to the old daycare and then either to the office or back home. The trip was an hour, round trip, and really starting to wear on me. Also, Charlie is unable to drop him off  in the mornings because of the time he has to be in the office. It makes it difficult when we both have to be out of the house or in an emergency.

This was such a tough decision because Henry LOVES going there but between the miles on my car and the price of gas, it was time to move him.

The new daycare, is pretty much less then a mile. I could actuallly walk Henry there that is how close it is. My new round trip, 5 mins.

I do really love the new facility. It is set up on rotations and Henry will travel to different classrooms throughout the day. He will alwasy travel with his class, but he gets to go to other rooms. I really think this is going to help Henry develop a lot more. Henry is a very active child and playing all day is just not enought for him. I think this more of a "school" setting is going to help.

He startst the new daycare in two weeks. This is his last week at the old place and it made me sad this morning. Of course of all mornings, Henry ran in and gave his teacher a big hug! He really knows how to pull at my heart. We keep telling him about the new school and he keeps saying No, I need Miss Bethany.  Then we tell him that Daddy can take and pick him up from the new school and he gets all excited.

I know there will be a transition period and it is going to suck but hopefully Henry will fit right in with his new school.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Recap of the weekend

The past weekend was jammed packed with fun!

Friday we headed up to NJ and got there in time to see Jeffrey play baseball. They lost but I did get to see my nephew pitch and play the outfield. He did a great job! After baseball we headed home to cook the goodies for Saturday.

Saturday we were up and at em. Kathy and Emily went down to the lake to grab our spot - I think that was around 6am! The boys got ready around 7:30am and headed down to the fishing contest. Henry won for being the youngest fisherman - I was so proud ;)

After that we got our area all set up and helped the kids with the sandcastle contest. I think Em won for most creative and Jack's group won too. After that it was time for the DoDa parade. The kids had decorated Henry's trike bike so he was all ready to go. Em and her friend pushed him. After about 3 pushes around the circle, Henry decided he was hungry and abandoned his bike.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with lake fun and food! That night we all get settled for the fireworks. Henry LOVED them! He will even tell you how they work - BAM BAM!  I think he sat on everybody's lap watching them.

The night did not end there for Henry. He attended his first sleep over - yes a sleep over. It was only upstairs in his cousins room but he loved it. Jack slept on the top bunk and Henry was on the bottom. Bless my Sister in law because she put Henry to bed both Saturday and Sunday night up there. She got to experience "Ants in his pants" all to herself.

Sunday we hit up Dinosaur park and the Polar Cub. The Polar Cub is a landmark in Readington or maybe Whitehouse Station. In the summer you have to go there to get ice cream. The soft serve is out of this world and it is sooooooo good on a hot day. Henry loved it but of course he dropped his cone so he ended up eating from everyone else.

After that we said good bye and tried to get a picture of the kids. Not very easy.

All is all it was a great trip and we were sad to leave, but the countdown is on now until we are headed South for VACATION!!!!!!!!