The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family: December 2014

The Nardiello Family

Thursday, December 18, 2014

7 Days

7 Days until Christmas. For the first time I am not saying that because I only have 7 days to get things done, I am saying it for other reasons. I made a promise to myself that I would not be rushed this Christmas that I would enjoy the week of Christmas and I believe, I have done it.

My gifts are some what wrapped, you know the ones that are actually here and when the rest show up, I will just wrap them.

We are going to bake on Monday and on Tuesday we will eat what we baked and maybe run out for anything last minute.

Wednesday we will have a "gourmet" breakfast with my parents, and after that we will open the gifts from my parents. We will pick up our Christmas dinner from Whole Foods that afternoon. I have no shame, I pre ordered Christmas dinner, yep, you read it.  Charlie will still make stuffed shells and sauce but the main meal will just need to be heated.

Christmas Eve we will head to mass with Henry and then go back to Dad and Gayle's for dinner.

Christmas Day, we will get up at the crack and open gifts like crazy people, because hey, we still have little kids. First Christmas, we think, ever...that we don't have a grandparent in the house with us. It's kind of crazy to think we have never celebrated just us. We always love family in the house but I am sure this will be just as nice. Family will come for Christmas dinner and then sadly, it will be all over.

That's it 7 days just written in 5 paragraphs. My favorite season and time of year will be over. In a blink of an eye, it's done. My kids will never be this age again at Christmas and that is what makes me sad, that I only have 7 days. I'm glad I took a step back this year to cherish the memories a little more and less hustle and bustle.

We have been streaming Christmas music at dinner, the tree is always lit, the fireplace is always on and if you want to watch something on TV, it's a Christmas show. I don't want this time to end because I know it's the only chance I have to enjoy this age of my children. I've never looked at like this before but the fact that Henry will be 6 and Mary will be 3, gives a little shock to my system.

Of course we have some great trips and plans coming up in the Spring and Summer but it's not the magic you get at Christmas.

So step back in the next 7 days and take it all in, enjoy the moments with your family and friends and remember to enjoy yourself more then you have before.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Willowsford Christmas Party

Last night we hosted our street's Christmas party. It was a blast and I of course enjoyed decorating the house and the tables for the party. The best part is that we all decided to hire a Chef to come and cook for us, best.decision.ever. Not only did he cook amazing food, he had two assistants that helped him and cleaned up all the dishes and glasses! I will link you to his website at the end of the post.

Here are some pictures of my "table scapes", Sandra Lee would be so proud.

Not sure why I only have a picture of this table and I am actually very sad I don't have the other tables from last night. I only have these two pictures of the other two tables and you can see they are not complete.

Here is a close up of the place setting. I found those chalkboards at Michael's in their dollar section, I think they were 2 for $1.50. Couldn't beat the price and then I just added some vinyl and was in love with the way they came out. The napkins I found at a restaurant supply store. It was just a very lucky find because it was the only color they had and they were $1. It was exactly the pop of color the table needed.

Chef Sed was our chef and he was so friendly and made such a great dinner. Here is him working his magic in the kitchen.

He made chicken marsala, braised short ribs, glazed carrots, these amazing mashed potatoes and for dessert there was cheesecake and cookies. Everything was so yum!

After dinner we did a white elephant gift exchange. That was a blast, the rules were if you stole a gift you had to take a shot of Fireball. Gifts were stolen and and shots were taken. Hot items were an outhouse that played Christmas music, a metal dart drinking game and two pounds of bacon, yes two pounds of bacon. Here is a picture of the guys playing the dart game.

It was such a great night and I'm glad we have moved into another great neighborhood with amazing people.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!