The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family: May 2013

The Nardiello Family

Friday, May 31, 2013

Splash Day!

Mary's daycare sent me these pictures this morning! She told me she as a little hesitant but then loved it.

I got her and Henry a little baby pool to play in so I'm hoping this warmed her up to the idea. Her suit is killing me, btw.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

ESPN - Maybe Some Day

Maybe some day, ESPN will call and ask me for Henry's first baseball picture and I will be like sure it's right here.

How awesome is that picture and the stats with his number on the back. Yeah he felt pretty cool last night when he brought it home (just like Jeffrey and Jack).  His team picture is even better but I didn't want to put all the kids pictures up on the blog.

So, ESPN when he is playing in the Major League, call me, and we can put together a little montage, lol.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Busy Around Here

The last couple of days around this house have kind of looked like a construction site.  If you saw my earlier post you saw that we had the powder room redone. Our neighbor had done hers and I fell in love with the look of wallpaper. So, I found some paper I loved, called the lady and ordered it. She came today to hang it and I seriously want to sleep in there. I'm in love with the way it turned out.

The next project that really made the house look like a construction site, we added a patio. I think last Wednesday I posted a picture of the layout. They came later that day and poured the concrete. We were getting pretty excited. Because of weather and other projects they didn't come back until yesterday and they finished it today. WHOA - is all I can say. It turned out way better than I expected and it is huge but not so big that we lost all of our yard.

Our plan is to bring the grill down here right against the wall - of course we will pull it out when we have it on.  On the other side by the sitting wall we will bring down the over sized chairs and get a fire pit of some sort. We can't decide on what kind we want.

We will also do a little landscaping around but not until the Fall. Tomorrow they have to come back and do a final cleaning of it and I can't wait to actually walk on it. Looking forward to spending the summer nights out there.

Word "less" Wednesday - Part II

Word "less" Wednesday

Today's pictures are a guessing game......

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Word "less" Wednesday

Concrete will be poured at 4:00pm - it's patio time!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Timehop Tuesday

Do you have the Timehop app? If you don't go get it and then participate with me, maybe we can do a blog hop with it.

Anyway, the Timehop app, is pretty cool. I know it's an iPhone app, not sure about droid. What you do is, you go in and set it up to pull from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other accounts. It then pulls things that you posted from this day for as many years as it can. Today, mine went back five years. I didn't have Facebook in college, because I went to school when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and we barely had email, but I was impressed I had something from five years ago.

So, let's do the Timehop.........(I know you are singing TimeWarp, right now).....

A year ago we were headed up to NJ/NY to celebrate Erica and Scott's wedding - that is what I was all excited about. Two years ago, we hung out at home and went to Lowe's. Look at this picture I posted two years ago of Henry. The old pictures really make me melt.

Three years ago, looks like John and Dana came over for a fun night! Dana this might be the last time you and I drank and weren't pregnant. It was also Aunt Deanie's Birthday.

Nothing from four years ago, but it did pull five years ago.

To you this picture is two friends having dinner, but what I see is me telling my Best Friends that Henry is a miscarriage. If you don't know the story you can click on the Henry link at the top. This is in Houlihan's in NJ.

How fun is it, to time hop like that? Timehop didn't ask me to write this, but go, get the app so you can time hop too!

Monday, May 20, 2013

How did that happen?

Not sure how it happened and it was a crazy step for us but it really did happen. We bought a mini van, yes a mini van. Never in a million years, did I think we would own a mini van but we do and I love it. We talked about SUV's and that was our next car but the more we looked the more we could not find everything we wanted in an SUV, unless it was $40k or more or used. Nothing against used cars but if I'm going to be paying that much, I think I would rather a new car.

So Friday it happened. Went to Honda, saw the car, and fell in love. Went back home picked up the kids and Henry and Charlie went back and bought Mommy a new car.

That is Henry working the deal at the dealership. He was so good for four hours and was so excited when we got home to show me, what they bought Mommy.

This car has all the bells and whistles and then some. It has a cooler, a cooler and a purse hook and I'm pretty sure every seat comes out of the car if needed it too. Henry has chosen the way back as his seat and Mare Bear gets the middle by herself.

I still don't know what all this stuff is but what I do know is that it rides like you are on a cloud. I feel very safe and I don't feel like I'm driving in a mini van at all.

It has already saved us from a melt down. Henry had tball on Saturday and it rained and they played in it. Well, Mary and I retreated to the mini and she watched Elmo, phew.

I want to drive it all the time, I'm really happy and pleased with our decision to get it. Was it on a whim, yes, but we work best that way. Road trip this weekend so we shall see how she does.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Before and After

The kids bathroom is finally done, woo hoo!

Here is the before

and here is the after

Still need a tissue holder and my Splish Splash sign but I love how it came out. Very happy with the grey that I picked. I think it all really came together and the kids seemed to like it. Well, Henry told me he did and if I can please a four year old, I call it a win.

Next up look for updates on Henry's room. We are turning it into a baseball theme and we are all pretty excited about that!

Vendor List:
Shower curtain and bath accessories - Target
Blue Rug - Target
Towels and Candle holder - Marshalls
Whale Art - Two Little Birds Design
Blue Valances - Amazon

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Word "less" Wednesday

I love him, I do but PICK UP THE LID! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013 in Review

It was one of the best ones yet... Started Friday with a little tea at Henry's school. His class performed two songs. I would post one but for some reason that function is not working on blogger today so you will have to believe me that it was the cutest thing ever.

Here are some pictures from the event. Henry made me a necklace, a crown and filled out a little sheet about me.

These beautiful flowers were sent from Julia. They are gorgeous and I love how they brighten up the kitchen.

Mary made this for me at school too. I love all these handmade projects - they are just too cute!

Sunday I was woken up by being blasted by a Storm Trooper, that was followed by gifts and brunch. They know we so well, because they got me a Nationals tee and a gift card to go shopping. The best part though was seeing Henry write Mom on the envelope.

After brunch we kind of just hung around and put Mary down for a nap. She was all out of sorts yesterday so that was fun. After she woke, Charlie took the kids up to the park and then we headed to the library. It was a first for Henry and he had a great time! He found three Star Wars books and two random dvd's to bring home. Not sure he understands that they have to go back but we will get to that later.

We left the library and headed to a new place that just opened called the Wine'ing Butcher. Wow, is all I have to say. We got some beef tips marinated in a red wine vinaigrette with garlic for dinner and they wer - AMAZING. Charlie also got a big hunk of mac and cheese that was more then fabulous and I had a little pasta salad. We will certainly be returning there again soon. If you live in Ashburn, check it out - it's over by Dinosaur Park on Ashburn Road.

The night ended with a bottle of wine and watching Lincoln. Who are we kidding, I drank the wine and Charlie watched the movie.

It was such a great day. Thank you to my amazing husband for taking the kids most of the day and many thanks to my kids for making me the mom that I am.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I just wanted to wish my Mom, my Mother in Law and all the other moms out there a wonderful Mother's Day this weekend. We are blessed with two very special mothers and we could not ask for more. Thank you both for everything that you do for us, we love you.

 Here are some of me and my mom through the years....

I wish I had more older pictures of Charlie and his mom but I do have this one and it is one of my favorites.

and then recent ones...

I hope all the mom's out there have an amazing day because you deserve it.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

15 Month Stats

Okay so she will be 16 months tomorrow - shhhhhh. I had no idea there was a 15 month appointment. I thought after 12 we went right to 18 months. Then some of my mom friends were talking about 15 month appointments, so I called and what do you know. We still made it before 16 months so that counts, right?

Here she is walking herself back to the room.

Anywho, here are her stats....23.6 pounds (51%), 32" (84%) and 18.75 head circumference (88%). Lean, tall and a big head, that's how we make in this family. The doctor mentioned she might be a little lean for her height but then noticed her baby chub and said she was fine. When I came home, I looked up Henry's stats at 15 months and it is a little freaky.....23.14 pounds, 32.25" and 18.75 head. Yeah, I might say my kids are built the same.

Here she is waiting and waiting....

and finally here she is reviewing her shot information.

She doesn't look lean to me, she looks just right.