The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family: December 2012

The Nardiello Family

Monday, December 17, 2012


After the tragic events on Friday, I felt the need to preserve and take everything in with my children. I wanted to hug them and squeeze them and basically keep them bottled up.

On Friday, Henry comes home from school and like he always does he runs to me in glee. I pick him up and start crying. What does he do - he says "Mom you hurt my leg". So much for the moment. I still of course kissed and hugged him more than I ever have before. When picking up Mary she flashes the biggest smile that makes my heart melt. She too got extra hugs and kisses.

The events on Friday made me realize that the past year flew by and that I want to stop time. I've been trying to take it all in, but it's hard. You take a step back and realize you have to slow down, you have to enjoy everything because you never know when it could be taken away.

Moms on my mom board have all talked about making salt dough ornaments. I thought this would be a great project to do with Henry and Mary. So, Sunday morning, I brought out the Kitchen Aid (only once a year, this baby gets used) and we made the dough, as a family. We rolled the dough and then we started with the kids hand prints and our finger prints. Henry made more ornaments out of cookie cutters. It was nice. I was taking it all in.

Here is our finished product:

Yes, I made reindeer out of my children's hand prints and the other is just Mary's hand print so we will remember her First Christmas. It's not a lot but the memory was made. When I pull out the ornaments next Christmas I will remember us standing as a family making them and reflect back on the day.

Cherish these moments. Slow down, take a break and take it all in. I know that is what I will be doing this Christmas.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Henry and Mary as Elves?

Donald was again up to no good last. He left Henry this message:

and then Henry watched this video. Donald made Henry, Mary and the Bolka cousins into elves last night..

Silly, Donald.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A year ago...

A year ago today we said good bye to the Ellie Dog. I just can't believe it has been a year since we saw that sweet face.

These were taken close to her last day with us.

Miss you, sweet girl.

Word "less" Wednesday

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

She made me a Liar

Yesterday, I posted that Mary can stand but really only when she wants too. Well, I guess maybe she read the blog because all last night and this morning, the only thing she did was stand.

She will try to move a little but she is still unsure. Last night she cruised along the gate in her play area but was really happy just standing.

Maybe a walker before January 10th? I guess we will wait  and see.

Oh and do you like the new blog look?? Thanks to Becca at Jumping Jax Designs for all her work. If you need a new blog make over or some invitations or really anything creative, check her out!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Somebody IS 11 Months

Ummm yeah - she's 11 months today. In one month, we will have a 1 year old - say what? Her party is planned, invites are out and decorations are coming in. I will still have to make some things for the party after Christmas but that is about it.

Where has the year gone. INSANE.

Our little "pump" is a crawling machine. She will pull herself up only when she feels like it. We know she can do it, but she doesn't do it all the time. She will sit and play by herself for long lengths of time. She loves taking all the toys out of the toy bins. She is still laughing and smiling all the time. I think we have a total of 8 teeth - maybe 7 but the 8th one is right there. Her favorite word is "dada" and she is waving good bye.

We won't see the doc until after her 1st Birthday in January. My guess she is around 20 pounds. She is growing into her cheeks now but they are still there, just not as big! Her mouth still makes a perfect "M" and her eyes seem more blue now then they did before. Love them and they will knock you out, when she stares at you.

Happy 11 Monthday, baby girl!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Like Father Like Son

If you know us, you know that Henry is a spitting image of Charlie. From his walk to his mannerisms to the way they sleep.

This picture...can you tell is it Charlie or is it Henry?

It's Charlie but seriously could the picture look any more like Henry? Crazy identical and apparently there is one more thing in common.

See that picture that is Henry sleeping on the landing. Sleeping on the landing, you ask, yes, sleeping on the landing. It is 11:45pm and we are headed up to bed and there he was. I gasped and Charlie started laughing. We were in complete shock. Do you know how many Christmas gifts we talked about, how many times Donald was moved - the whole spirit of Christmas could have been flushed down the toilet.

Charlie promptly picked him up and put him in his bed. He came in our bedroom and asked if I sent the picture to his mom and I said No. He said, send it. Charlie told me that when he was a kid he used to like to sleep at the top of the steps because he never wanted to miss anything. He would like to listen and see the light of the television. He also said he took a blanket with him most nights. I just started shaking my head.

How could two people 30 years apart be so much alike. I know that they are father and son but honestly as there mother and wife - it freaks me out. I've never been around two people that are so in sync with each other, that it gets down right scary.

This morning when Henry woke up, I asked about last night. He made this face......(this picture is an old one, but it was the same face)

He knew exactly where I was going next. I asked him why he got out of his bed. The smirk continued. "Mom, I slept in my bed, MOST of the night". Henry, why did we find you on the landing? "Well mom, I wanted a fruit bar and Daddy says I can't have them in my bed." Really, Henry? "Yes, Mom."

So now I wonder what he heard or saw. It didn't seem that he saw too much but he certainly was down there a long time. I wonder what time he fell asleep and I wonder if he will do it again. I guess, I'm going to have to check the landing more often.

Keeping us on our toes, all day, every day. Grandma you have any tips for this?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Conversations about an Elf

I know I usually post wordless Wednesday but this morning was too funny not to share......

On Saturday, we welcomed our Elf, Donald, back into our house for the Christmas season. We started a tradition last year of the North Pole Breakfast. Donald arrives with small gifts for the kids, we read the book and have a fun breakfast filled with sweets. Elves love sweets and what four year old doesn't?

The breakfast and the arrival of Donald really gets Henry excited for Santa and he keeps telling Mary not to touch Donald.  Of course then we have the problem that he thinks Christmas is the next day, every day, but we keep reminding him that he has a little while to go.

Donald has been up to his usual hiding places....sitting in the wreath, on top of the fridge, upside down in Henry's stocking and this morning a little marshmellow mischief, which leads us to the conversation this morning with Henry.

He comes down the steps and looks at his seat at the table and immediately says "Who did this?" What? We say Donald of course. "Well how did he get into the pantry?" What, Henry, what? We said he must have been hungry and then started to play with the marshmellows. "Oh.......(pauses) well, then who is going to clean this up?"  I just stared at him and said eat the marshmellows. He actually cleaned it up and put them back into the bag. I'm pretty sure he thought I would just throw them out so I think he was trying to save as many as he could.

You could tell his mind was still going as he sat there and stared at Donald. Charlie and Mary left and Henry continued to sit there. Then it was "Mom, so Santa works for Donald?" "No, Henry, Donald works for Santa." "And they live in the North Pole, right mom?" "Yep, and Donald goes back every night." "Hmmmmm, I wonder how he had time to do this and why does he not watch Mary, why do you always say he is watching me." (Pick mouth up off floor and think really fast)........."Well, Henry, Mary is a baby and the elves focus on bigger kids and next year, Donald will be watching both of you." "Ohh okay, mom" and then wanders over to the stockings.

"You know mom, maybe Donald could sit in MareBear's stocking or maybe he could play in my play room." "Yes, Henry I am sure Donald will, we still have quite a few days with him. So, who knows where he will be next. Just remember that he is listening and watching so he knows you would like for him in those places." "Okay, mom."

At this point, I'm ready to move on. So, we start talking about Santa and how he is going to be at school today. He told me something about Santa reviewing his behavioral chart and that if Santa thought it was good, he could have his picture taken. Of course he tells me, I'm sure Donald already told Santa that I am good, so I'm not worried.

Gotta love kids at Christmas!