The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family: June 2010

The Nardiello Family

Friday, June 25, 2010

Digg It!

If you know us, you know that we call Henry, Diggs or Digg. It started when he was an infant and derived from the H Bomb Diggity. No clue where H Bomb Diggity came from but it came and we shortened and now we have a Digg.

The other day we were shopping and I found this shirt and we just had to have it.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was crazy busy!

Friday, I picked up Diggs from school and were suppose to be on our way to see the Baker's at Grandpas house. When I picked him up he just didn't look too good. So I called the pedi and they had an opening so we went. An hour later, we walked out with a double ear infection. We still headed to Granpa's just about two hours behind schedule. We had a great time and an awesome dinner for Father's Day.

Saturday we woke up at Grandpa's, had some breakfast and headed back home. Later that afternoon we headed to a BBQ for Charlie's office. I was fully prepared for my shy child to be attached to me the entire time but boy was I wrong. The hosts had a 105 lbs chocolate lab that Diggs loved - I mean loved. He followed that dog everywhere he went. They even shared some food. Diggs was playing with the other kids and even allowed people to hold him. Not only did my shy child not act shy, he was eating broccoli - raw broccoli from the veggie platter! Charlie and I kept telling the hosts that Diggs was going to be coming to their house every weekend.

Sunday or Father's Day was a HOT one! Diggs and I woke up early to make cinnamon rolls for Charlie but it didn't work, don't ask. When Charlie got up, we ended walking up to the Dunkin Donuts and getting some breakfast. When we got home we gave Charlie's his gifts. Diggs took the card he gave Charlie right out of his hand and walked to the trash can, and threw it out. Guess he wasn't a big fan of the card.

It was too hot to really do anything outside so we just went to the hardware store and then picked up Nana at the airport. Later that night Charlie requested Outback for dinner so we headed over there.

Not a very exciting weekend but a busy weekend none the less.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Follow Me Friday

To those of you who are coming here for follow me Friday - enjoy!

I'm just a working mom who loves to wrtie about her blue eyed blonde hair son. I started the blog when I was pregnant with him and just kept going with it. I like to think of it as our Family Memory book.

Happy Friday!

Happy Father's Day!

We have a really busy weekend and I know I won't have much time to post.

Here are the "DAD" pictures that I took of Henry for Charlie's frame. He said he wanted updated pictures. I think they came out really cute and I just love his smile in all of them.

I also have to give a product rave to etsy seller Mandy Fipps. She takes your photos and puts them on wooden blocks. I had a set made for my Dad for Father's Day and they came out so good! Here is the proof that she sent me.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Creative Bug

Every so often I get a little bug to be creative. Sometimes the projects work, sometimes they don't.

My last effort was a felt board for Henry. Well I didn't have the right scissors so I could not cut the felt shapes. The shapes looked like Henry might have cut them out. I did however take animals that Henry colored at school and velcro'd them on the board. That worked, until Henry started ripping the animals in half and they had no body.

My creative bug this week is to bake. Who wants to bake in 90 degree heat, I guess I do. I don't want to get crazy just easy things. I found this blog Bakerella, and the things she makes look so good. So after sifting through her blog, I found three recipes I want to try.

  1. Oreo Truffles
  2. Nutter Butter Balls
  3. Cake Pops - Not the smiley faces the link takes you to, just the actual recipe and I will add my own touch.
The first two look pretty simple and I only need the grocery store. The third one just look fun.

Which one should I try first?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Activities

Our friends ask if we always have activities on the weekends planned - and yes, yes we do. It makes for a much smoother weekend for us and Henry.   The three of us inside all day is not a good situation and getting out of the house is a must. Now of course we aren't gone 12 hours a day, just short trips or activities that keep us entertained and not sitting on the couch.

I just became a member of a website called Our Kids. This website lists tons of activities in the area that we live. I can pull up any day of the week and see what is going on. Being first time parents we had no idea how many activities there are for children around here. I am then able to save the activities to a favorites folder and I go there when we are in a rut.

This past weekend I was on the website and found a great park that is just around the corner from our house. It is called Lake Fairfax. It is a man made lake but it has paddle boats, a dock for fishing, picnic tables galore, a carousel, some fun playgrounds and best of all a water park! The water park is not huge but it does have a lazy river and slides for kids. We were shocked that this was in our back yard. Another activity we can put on the list for this summer.

Then on Sunday we hit up Celebrate Fairfax. A festival for families with carnival rides, delicious greasy food, live music and a kids zone. Henry rode on his first carousel and his first ferris wheel. He loved them! He also loved the animals at the petting zoo they had. Too bad it was about 100 degrees out or we would have stayed longer. It was fun and we got of the house for a couple of hours.

Another great weekend gone and another week has started. This week will be busy - the Baker's are coming, a company picnic and Nana arrives on Sunday. Don't forget Father's Day on Sunday too!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Boy Room

This week we were told that Henry is moving on up at school. While I am extremely excited about this, it does tug on my heart strings a little. He will no longer be in the Infant room but the TODDLER room.

He won't nap in a crib, he will learn to use the potty, he will eat with utensils and drink from big boy cups - ahhhhhh he is getting so big. They are already learning how to wash their hands.

Yesterday, when I went in his room he jumped up to see me and said "Look at this!" It was his blanket. Now we all know, Henry doesn't even say mama but how the kid put three words together - blows my mind.

Don't get me wrong, we are very excited about him going to the next room because instead of being the oldest he will be the youngest. I am hoping those toddlers will be able to teach him a thing or two. The other nice thing about this move....we get to save $100 a month. The Toddler room is less rent - woooo hooo!

Just to see how much he has changed...June last year vs. June this year.

What a difference a year makes!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

Last night I started work on the "DAD" pictures. We did them last year and Charlie has asked to have updated ones for this Father's Day. When we get closer to Father's Day, I will post the finished product.

I was able to capture this moment....

I think this is how every guy feels after wearing a tie! The fact that Charlie makes this same face when taking his tie off makes this picture even better to me!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Update

I want to start by writing,  Thank you to everyone who voted for Henry last week. He started out in the 5,600's and ended up in 361st place. I think that is a pretty good finish. While he did not win this week he still has a chance to be chosen by the judges. You just never know what could happen.

As for the weekend, we had a wonderful time with family and friends. Friday night we hung out outside, drank way too much wine! Saturday we had a little BBQ over our house that night. I think we thought we were back in college because we played drinking games with beer box hats and what not.

Sunday we got up and went over to the Great Country Farm in Bluemont, VA. We thought it would be fun to take Henry strawberry picking. He loved the tractor ride out to the patch and also had fun in the patch. He didn't get the concept of actually picking the berry off the bush but he enjoyed throwing them.

After the picking we went and looked at the farm animals.  Henry loved the goats but was scared of the mini horses. You just never know with this kid.

We BBQ'd again that night. We all know I am not much of a cook but I can find some mean recipes. I was on the hunt for a Blue Cheese Burger recipe. The one we found was amazing. We modified a little by removing the hot sauce the receipe called for and then we added crumbled up bacon to the mixture. Afer Charlie grilled we put some more blue cheese on the top and it was sweet perfection!

After dinner we enjoyed the wonderful strawberries that we picked that day!  A little strawberry shortcake to end the perfect weekend with family and friends.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Word Wednesday....


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Update

This past weekend we headed down to Williamsburg for some fun with family!

We left Saturday morning and arrived around 11am. We headed straight over to colonial Williamsburg. It was still as beautiful as I remember from when I was a child. We had great time roaming the streets and taking in all the sights. Grandma bought Henry and Julia these cute little hats!

On Sunday we went over to Busch Gardens for a day of rides and adventure. We started the day with a lunch with Elmo and Friends. Henry was loved watching them dance on stage, but once they came into the audience he was not as happy to see them. He would touch Cookie Monster from the back, but if Cookie turned around he wanted nothing to do with him. We were able to get one picture of him, Charlie, Elmo and Big Bird. It was not easy - maybe next year will be better.

After that, Charlie, Steve and I went off and road the roller coasters. Grandma, Nadine, Jules and H went over to the Sesame Forest of Fun. The roller coasters at Busch Gardens were amazing. I love each and every one of them. Steve and Charlie are really die hard roller coaster fans. We would get off and they would want to go back on again.

Later on we met up with everybody. It was soooo hot, that we took Henry's shirt off for a little bit. He loved it. 

We also hit up the Beer Garden they had there. Henry and Julia loved the show and were dancing the whole time. We enjoyed a nice cold beer on a hot day.

Henry did ride on his first amusement park ride. I think he liked it bc he was smiling while we were on it.

Eveyrone got up Sunday morning and headed home. It was such a fun weekend but it was sad to say good bye to our family. I know we will see them soon and I hope we get to do this trip again next year!