The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family: February 2014

The Nardiello Family

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Life in the past week....

First up, swim lessons. Henry started over at the Tom Dolan Swim school. He swims 30 mins every Saturday and he is loving it. I think he would like to be in there all day. The first picture might be one of my favorites of him.

Then on Sunday night, he lost his first tooth. We knew it was loose but to the point of where it was going to fall out. He was up watching his show and came running down to tell us his tooth was going to fall out. Charlie ended up just tugging on it and it fell right out. The tooth fairy was so not prepared for this moment. I think she may have actually borrowed money from Mary to pay Henry his $5 for his first tooth. I can't say I saw her do it, but I have a good feeling it happened.

We met with the builder last week and had our pre construction meeting. We went over Saturday and saw this.

Today we went and saw this. They dug out our house, hopefully the weather keeps sunny and they can keep working.

Can't forget this part of the whole house process. Should be listed mid March...if you know anyone looking to move into a great house and neighborhood, let me know!

To get ready for the house, we have decided to move the playroom to the back bedroom in the basement and make the playroom an office. Bye bye, Buzz blaster blue, I will miss you.

 Just a cute picture of Henry and Rudy watching us paint last night.

Finally,we took Mary to the dermatologist this morning. She has had this perma zit on her face forever and her Daddy was done looking at it. It ended up being nothing, and the Doctor said he wasn't sure if it would ever go away. So, we had it frozen off. Yeah, that was entertaining. You can barely see it on her cheek, but it should fall off in a week.

That pretty much sums it all up. I won't get into her not napping and waking up for the day at 4:50am. I may be a Starbucks Venti and a Chick Fil A coke in already, but that is nothing with everything else going on. I will try to blog more, but as you can see, my time is running thin. Fun times to look forward too, gotta just keep on moving.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

I didn't do any crazy Pinterest Valentines this year, and it was hard, because there were some cute ones. Went premade and the kids are happy. I saw the cute gumball containers a month ago and scooped them up for Henry's class, Of course Henry's party was cancelled due to the weather today, but I guess they will celebrate on Monday.

As for my Valentines' at home. I saw on FB that 2 Sweets was doing Valentine's Day cookies so I requested a dozen tiny hearts and two love letters. I had mailboxes I found at Target in the Dollar Spot and slapped some vinyl on them for them kids.

How cute are those cookies? If you are in Ashburn/Leesburg/Aldie check Kari out on FB at 2 Sweets. This is our third time using her and every time is just as great!

Finally, here are my Valentine's. Trying to get these two to pose together is near impossible.

The last one is my favorite........

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day and a special little shout out to two love birds celebrating 10 years of marriage. I'm pretty sure there is "110%" chance of love today ;)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Date Knight

A few weeks ago, I saw on Facebook that Chick Fil A, was a doing a mother/son date "knight". So, I signed Henry and I myself up. He told everyone at school, how excited he was to go and that he was excited it was just, "us". No, Mare Bear monster running around was something he was looking forward too,.he told me that, in the car ride on the way to dinner.

It was really cute. They had a little section of the restaurant blocked off for the dates. They had a cute balloon arch and all the table had tablecloths and a little burlap runner. They had these coat of arms to color at the table and he loved it. He of course drew all the planets on our coat of arms.

After we decided what we were going to eat, someone came and took our order. We talked about the planets and how his day went at school. They also had these conversation pieces at the table, but if you know Henry, making conversation is the last thing we need tips on.

Food comes and well my date had to use the bathroom. I kind of thought he was talking to another date he was gone so long, but again if you know Henry, he always has to use the bathroom at the most random times. So, I waited and waited and he finally returned, ready to eat and see what we were going to have for dessert.

He ordered the small cone, and got me an ice cream sundae. Sweet kid! Chick Fil A also gave all the kids that little cow and a little bag full of candies. Now, that he was jacked up on all the sweets it was time for the best part.

He ran off some energy and it was time to go home. He of course asked that I take a picture of his finished coat of arms. Full moon, Earth, Pluto, stars and asteroids of course!

They also had a photographer there, with props and the cow, but Henry wanted nothing to do with any of that. He was too busy coloring and enjoying the date.

It was a great night with just my Bugga and he even gave me a kiss when our date was over. It will be a "knight" I won't forget, and I hope he loved spending it with me as much as I did with him.

Thanks, Chick Fil A for our special "knight" out!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Word "less" Wednesday

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine Craft

It's been awhile since I have done any crafting around the house. I saw this on Pinterest (of course) and I knew my mantle needed them.

Off I went to the Dollar Store to buy the conversation hearts and Styrofoam cones. Well my Dollar Tree didn't have the cones but AC Moore had them super cheap. Got home, pulled out the glue gun and off  I went. This won't take long, I thought, ummmm yeah. Both of them probably took over two hours to glue all the hearts on and I burnt my fingers twice. I was impressed with only twice, too be honest.

The one on the left I started at the top and went down and the one on the right, I started at the bottom and went up. They both have an ugly side but in the end they came out cute and they add that pop of color to the mantle. I probably would start at the bottom again because I had to cut the Styrofoam on the other one due to spacing. I think I used about three bags of the hearts, so the whole project, all in $6. Can't beat that.