The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family: September 2009

The Nardiello Family

Monday, September 28, 2009

Faces of a Redskins Fan

I'm so excited for my very first Redskin's game!

It's not everything my Dad said it would be, the Redskins have zero yards rushing in the first half! I missed a nap for this?

Seriously? This is the Lions, what can you do but laugh?

This team is going to take years off of my life! I'm thinking maybe I'll be a Jets fan.

Nine Months Old!

Henry is going to be nine months old on Wednesday! It is unbelievable to think that he is almost a year old.

We had his nine month appointment on Friday. He is still a light weight. He weighed in at 17.6 lbs and was 26.5 inches. He gained two pounds since his last appointment and grew over an inch. His crawling is getting faster and faster everyday. Of course he wants to get into everything that is not suppose to be in. He really likes dog food - not sure Ellie is too happy about that.

In other news we left his KinderCare on Friday. While we loved it there, we were not sure it was the best fit for us. So, a friend of mine told me that her daycare provider had an opening. We went and met with the new provider and loved her! Henry started this morning and I am sure he is going to love it. He will now be one of only three kids and he will get a little more attention then he was getting at his old place.

We have a busy week this week. A new daycare and then my parents will be here on Friday. On Saturday, Henry is going to be having his nine month photo shoot! I hope we have some great Fall weather to get pictures of him outside in the leaves. Then on Sunday we are headed to the pumpkin patch! One of my favorite Fall activity, hopefully it will become a family tradition.

I will post some pictures later of Henry being disappointed about the Redskins losing.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Army Crawling and the Door Stop

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend was full of fun activities for the whole family.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Maryland to see Henry's friends and eat crabs! While the crabs were delicious, I think I will stick to the ones that are already made. After some crabs and other delicious food, we tried to take a picture of all the kids. As they get older these pictures are getting harder and harder to take.

After the crabfest we headed back home to get ready for the South Carolina/Georgia game. The whole family was decked out in all their gear. Too bad Henry didn't make it to kick off. Maybe next year.

Finally, we get to Sunday where we celebrated Charlie's 30th Bithday and also had to say good-bye to Grandma. We celebrated with gifts in the morning and a yummy breakfast. Then later in the evening we celebrated with cupcakes! Henry liked the chocolate frosting!

Happy Birhtday, Daddy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Football?

We are in our house. Big weekend around here. South Carolina vs Georgia on Saturday and then the Skins opener against the Giants.
Oh yeah and I think someone might be turning 30 in our house......I only wish it was me.


For Labor Day we headed up to Albany so Henry could meet the rest of his family! We packed up and got in the car on Thursday afternoon. Henry did great in the car and there was very little crying or trying to get out of his seat.

On Friday we got up and went to visit Great Nanny and Poppy. They were so excited to meet him. He had a great time and was able to meet someone else with big blue eyes. From the picture you can see that Henry gets them from this side of the family.

On Saturday we headed over to Aunt Pat's house to visit and meet his cousins. The BBQ was so much fun but ohhh sooooooo crazy. There were six little tykes running around and it was hard to keep them all contained. This is a picture of Gigi with her Great Grandschildren. We were missing little miss Julia. I know Isabelle and Bryan Paul missed playing with her.

On Sunday we had another BBQ to celebrate the end of Summer and Charlie's 30th Birthday. Henry had fun playing basketball in the pool and getting to meet the rest of the family. This picture of him, Uncle Paul and Charlie is crazy because they all look so much alike. Also there is a picture of him and his grandma - check out the blue eyes in that pic!

On Monday we packed up again and headed home. The trip back home was a lot longer due to traffic in New York. Henry again did great! He fell asleep around at 7:30pm in the car and stayed asleep until this morning.
We had such a wonderful time visting with everyone and I hope we get to do it soon!