The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family: September 2012

The Nardiello Family

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Word (less) Wednesday

We told him to go to his room to get dressed and this is what he had on when we showed up......................

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mary's Expressions

I have noticed recently that Mary is getting a little more expressive when I am taking her pictures. She isn't just my smiling baby anymore, she now feels that she should show you what she is thinking.


Her what exactly are you doing face

Her I'm not going to smile, smile face

Her woman, you better get me puffs face

Her I'm kinda excited about this face

Her throwing gang signs face

Her I'm posing like a model face

Her I'm super confused as to what is going on face

Her get out of my way, I'm trying to watch tv face

Her Elvis impression face and what the hell is on my head face

Her Randy Jackson "What up Dog, Face"

This little lady makes us smile everyday, no matter what her face is telling us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Word (less) Wednesday

See you later......

Oh Hello.....

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Weekend in Picture Review

Friday Night....



Thursday, September 13, 2012

Birthday Tradition`

First and foremost I would like to wish my wonderful and amazing husband a very happy Birthday!

In our house we always celebrate birthdays no matter how old or young you are. On the day of your birthday you are woken up to the Beatles Birthday song and there are always balloons in your room.

This tradition was passed down from Charlie's mom and I just love it! Henry loves it because why wouldn't you. He gets so excited about these things. Last night I had him help me blow up the balloons. Pretty sure he wanted to take them to Daddy right then and there but I told him he had to wait.

This was Mary's first time experiencing the tradition and I would say by the look on her face from the pictures she loved it.

After your song and the balloons are all over the bed you get to open your gifts. Henry ran to get them and gave them to Charlie. Of course he started tearing into them for him but we were able to hold him off. I was waiting for him to ask us where his gift was. He likes to assume since someone else is getting something that he should too.

Tonight, we will head to dinner and celebrate some more and then Saturday we will celebrate again.

I have one more thing to share. That crazy kid in those pictures, you know the one you can't see because he never sits still, well he is probably one of the sweetest kids around.

Yesterday, when I picked him up from school, he told me he got ten stars. When they get ten stars during the day, they get to pick a prize from the box. Henry picked play money and he was so excited. While Henry went to get his play money from his lunch box, the teacher told me that he told her that he was so excited to get the money because his Daddy's Birthday was coming up and now he could use the money to buy him something. I think my heart melted right then and there.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Holy 8 Months Batman

Today, Mary is 8 months old - yikes! That means only 4 months until her Birthday, where is the time going?

We don't have a doctor's appointment until 9 months so I have no idea how much she weighs or how tall she is. If I have to guess, I would say around 18 pounds.

Her cheeks are thinning out or she is growing into them. They are still chunky but certainly not as large as they once were. She is still the happiest baby, ever. Nothing phases her. Two teeth at the same time, no problem. Brother whacks her in the head with a shoe, no problem. Mom clicks her fingers into the seat belt, again no problem. Seriously, how is this my child.

Here are some of the 8 month pictures I tried to grab this morning.

Happy 8 Months to our little lady! Love you!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Shameless Plug

By now you probably know that Mary is entered into a few contests. I entered her into the Gerber baby contest which I asked for votes for the other day and then I entered a picture into some Cute Kid Contest. By entering that contest I became some VIP member and created a profile for her. I uploaded some pictures and left it that.

On Tuesday, I got an email saying a picture was in a weekly contest. I was floored because I didn't remember entering the contest. So, I started voting. Day 1 she was 4026 but Day 2, she was 24th. I was beyond excited that she had gotten that high. I thought maybe we have a chance.

On the morning of Day 3, I woke up and checked my phone to see if we had dropped. She didn't drop she moved to 10th place! 10th place from 4026 - wowza! So, I urged my friends and family to continue voting. In my wildest dreams, I did not imagine she would be 10th.

Bring on Day 4(today) and now she is in 8th place and I really feel that she/we can do this. We still have today and then the weekend to vote for her and I know it is going to be hard but I truly believe it can be done.

If she doesn't win, okay no big deal but I have to give it my all.

She of course is just happy chewing on her toys but I tell her everyday, that people are supporting her and voting for her. She smiles and I know she loves it.

So, please take a minute and vote for her. VOTE FOR MARY

PS. Thank you to Helen John Photography for taking this amazing picture of Mary.
PPS Please feel free to share this voting link on your twitter or fb page!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Giggles they are the best no matter how old you are.

Henry had the belly laugh that would make you laugh until you cry. He still has that laugh and we still laugh until we cry.

Mary is close to that but I hear a lot deeper sound when she is giggling.. It's pretty funny because you see this little girl, and then hear a deep laugh.

This was taken last night. Her and Daddy were playing on the couch. She loves her Daddy and that giggle is pretty funny too.

Here is a video of Henry at about 10 months and you can see the two are kind of the same. His is just a littler more boisterous.

Either way I love them both!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Word (less) Wednesday - VOTE

How can you not vote for this little cutie!

GERBER BABY CONTEST - click on the that link to vote.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Y'all

Okay it's not really Fall but it IS Septmeber and that is close enough for me.

Yep, I decorated the house.

September thru my Birthday is my FAVORITE time of the year. I love Fall, I love holidays, I love my kids birthdays and I love that it is getting darker earlier. I  know, I know there are you summer lovers out there but not me. The long days are nice, but bring the chily evenings and the crisp mornings.

I'm ready - who is with me!