The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family: April 2010

The Nardiello Family

Friday, April 30, 2010

He did it!

Today is Henry's 16 month Birthday - wooo hoooo!

He started his day in a great way...we went to school this morning and he was hanging out with his teacher and she told him to say Bye to the dad that was dropping off and HE DID IT! I could not see him because I was on the other side. Now it is my turn to leave and he is being a little stinker. His teacher is saying, Henry say good bye to Mommy and he is giggling and giving me the Nardiello eyebrow raise. Finally after shoving five goldfish in his mouth, he raises his hand and says "Bye". I about cried. He said something and meant it, I was so proud!

Tonight he is spending the night over at Grandpa and Gayle's house. He will have a blase like he always does. Charlie and I will be headed out for our Anniversary dinner and then some drinks after.

Happy Friday!

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a Bird, It's a Plane........


I found these pj's at Carter's and I could not pass them up. There is even a cape that attaches to the back.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that....

We have been busy, very busy these past couple of weeks. So busy that we don't even realize the week is over and the new one has started.

Let's see what we have been up to....we headed down to Raleigh for Easter. It was a great weekend despite the traffic and the no air conditioning in the car. Aunt Nadine and Uncle Steve's new house was gorgeous and in a great neighborhood. Henry played with his cousin Julia and enjoyed going for wagon rides while we were there.

On Sunday night we drove home and got in late. Henry had a big day that Monday - he was headed back to KinderCare. While he was very excited to see everyone at his new/old school he cried when I left. I was ready for it this time and I gave him a kiss and off I went. I think by the time I was out the door he was already playing and having a good time.

Another big event on Monday is that my best friend Kimberly had her beautiful daughter Ava. She was born at 5:55am and weighed in at about 5lbs 10ounces and has a beautiful head of hair. We can't wait to meet her in May!

Back to daycare....Henry only lasted four days at school before I was called and told he had a fever. That afternoon we went to see Dr. Bill and it was a confirmed case of an ear infection.

Friday he was not able to go back to school so he spent the day with Grandpa and Gayle and Miss Melissa. They had a great day - playing and swining in the Hammock. Grandpa also gave Henry his first golf lesson.

Saturday came and went. Daddy golfed while Henry and Mommy shopped. Henry of course got a ton of toys and now has his own little plastic golf set. He was praciting his swing later on that day.  That night we headed back to Grandpa's for a Birthday celebration. Henry of course was the entertainment for the evening and he did not disappoint. He was a happy little guy, running all over the house and making everyone laugh.

During all this my work has been insane and Charlie is doing really well at his new job. Both of us are so busy during the day that most nights by ten we are asleep. It is nice to be busy and I think I rather enjoy the fast paced life.