The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family: April 2012

The Nardiello Family

Monday, April 30, 2012


I was just finishing up lunch and thought I would check to see if the breeder uploaded any new pictures of our puppy....and he DID!!!!

I can't wait to get home to show Henry. He is going to be so excited! Look it at how cute she is getting - OMG I just want to snuggle her. I'm in love!!!

Six Years Ago....Part II

Where I was six years ago today....

Where I am today........

Just not the same.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some things I found.....

When my dad came to visit he brought me this big plastic blue box filled with stuff he wanted out of his house. I never went through the box until last night and OMG, hysterical.

There were things from High School, grade school, my diaries (whoa!), newspaper clippings from track meets, Kappa letters from initiation week, and Big and Little Sis week.

Remember String Day, Kappa ladies??? Now, it's a form of hazing but how fun was finding your Big on the other end.

There were tons of pictures too and this one was just sitting right on top....Sorry Kathryn, I just could not resist!!! This picture is from my brother's wedding. I had shoulder bones!

Then I found this gem. Look at the height difference? Charlie always said he married me because my family is tall.

I have no idea how old Kimberly and I are here, but I'm guessing 2nd grade. We loved ballet.

After looking through all this stuff, I realized that I actually have started boxes like this for Henry and Mary.

For Henry, I saved a lot from his first year and then a lot of his art work and special occasion stuff. Mary's box is obviously just starting but I love putting memories in there. I hope one day they get a kick out of all the stuff  I saved for them like I did last night.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Word (less) Wednesday

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Six Years Ago.....

Sxi years ago on this Tuesday:

I was completing and sending my Pinot Grigio orders to my vendors in Italy because I was going to be gone for close to three weeks.

I was packed.

I was thin and tan.

I had no children.

I was boarding an airplane to Murrells Inlet, SC

I was finishing up last minute wedding details

I received two dozen roses from my future husband when I arrived at my parents house.

I received a Tiffany box with a gorgeous diamond ring in it.

I went to dinner at Carrabba's that night with my future husband, my future Father in Law and my parents

I was anxious and excited

I was ready to get the wedding week started

This was us 6 years ago this Friday:

I am in awe at how much our life has changed and too be honest, I would not change a thing!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

Sporting her new sun hat! Check out those cheeks in the second one!

It was this HOT!


Her boyfriend in Texas came home on Tuesday. He was born at 25 weeks and is a true fighter, so we sent him a message.

Learning to put our shoes on (still not quite ready) and Mary's first monogrammed outfit.

Thursday evening play date with good friends!

Finally, this morning Mommy needed some Starbucks and some fun paper tape to use in Project Life.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Playing hookie....

We taught Henry a new phrase last night....."Playing hookie" Just hearing him say it makes you laugh.

We told him that he and Daddy were playing hookie today and going to see the Space Shuttles. The kid smiled from ear to ear when we told him that it meant he didn't have to go to school. Then we told him he was going to have O'Donalds for breakfast, again smiles from ear to ear.

So, this morning Charlie and Henry loaded into Daddy's car and headed out to see space shuttles. There first task was breakfast and that was accomplished.

Then, there second task was of course to see the Space Shuttle. This is just a picture of the Enterprise, the Discovery is not there yet. At one point the Enterprise and the Discovery will touch nose to nose

I guess they were given flags to wave for when the Discovery came down the runway. Check out H'e shirt. I found this a long time ago at Target. It's way too small for him but oh well, it was the perfect shirt for Space Shuttle Day.

Looks like Daddy needed to kill some time so Henry got lucky and got a new space shuttle to play with!

The Discovery coming down the run way from Dulles airport.

Henry with the Discovery in the background. I think this face says "Dad, can we go home so I can play with my Cars."

Here come some Astronauts!

What they have been waiting for.

What a fun day to play hookie, I'm so jealous!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Word (less) Wednesday

Project Life - completed up until this week.......

Monday, April 16, 2012

What a weekend.....

This past weekend was the first weekend in a long time it was just the four of us. Those extra hands were very helpful because it was exhausting. We had fun none the less!

Friday night we spent the evening on the deck. It was nice to sit outside and enjoy the great weather. Henry raced his cars while Mary enjoyed the bouncer. Charlie and I just relaxed and watched them play. It was a good way to end the work week.

Saturday we took Henry to his first soccer practice. He had so much fun and was very excited because his friend from school was on his team. They don't actually play a game, they just learn skills at this age. We got a quick video of him playing. The little boy that carries the ball is his friend from school.

After soccer we had to run some errands and of course Henry wanted O'Donalds. So, we got some lunch and headed over to Lowe's. I think Henry's legs were tired because he sat the whole time on the flat bed without making a peep.

Sunday, we ran some more errands and then got home to play outside and plant some things around the house. Mary was on a nap strike but she was happy so we didn't mind. Charlie ended up going to the firing range with Uncle Chad. They still won't take me because they are afraid I will like it too much.

After that we hung out on the deck some more and grilled out. Henry was going to run through the sprinklers but he decided he really didn't want to. Mary of course was her smiley self and went to bed around 7pm. I guess if you don't really nap all day, going to bed at 7pm is not an issue. I figured she would be up pretty early and want to eat but to my surprise she slept until after 7am! I was in complete shock. I of course woke up many times and checked the monitor but she was sound asleep every time.I guess the weekend really tuckered her out.