The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family: November 2013

The Nardiello Family

Monday, November 25, 2013

Because she is Amazing.

Tell me how someone can get a picture like this........

You know how she does it, patience and well she is just amazing. NOVA and Maryland friends, please please go see Helen at Helen John Photography. Not only is she an amazing photographer she is my friend and an amazing mom of two boys.

I'd share another photo that she took but that is our Christmas card picture and I would like to keep that a secret. This picture will be going on a canvas in our home.

Dentist Visit

This morning we took Henry to the dentist, this could have gone either way - a nightmare or very smoothly. I hate going to the dentist so I of course imagined the worst, but he shocked us all and it went very smooth.

Charlie took him and I met them there. Charlie told me that he walked right in and jumped into the dental chair and laid back. They noticed some staining from all the carrots he eats, but they cleaned him up and polished those pearly whites.  I actually hid because he was doing so well and we didn't want him to see me in case he would go down hill.

He told Dr. Chu he forgets to brush in the morning sometimes but that he is always flossing. I am happy to report that he has no cavities.

Why yes, he is wearing his was pj day at school and he thought it was so cool to wear his jams to the dentist.

I think our baby is growing up because he acted like such a big boy this morning, it was a little sad to see it, but very happy that it went so well.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cute Bargain!

I'm always on the hunt for cute cheap decorations. Becca over at Jumping Jax Designs posted a picture on Instagram last night of some pillows she found at Target. They were adorable, so of course I had to go on the hunt for them and two Targets later, I found some!

They are in the Dollar Section. They aren't a dollar but they are still only $3. If you use the Cartwheel app, you get another 20% off. I think there are only two more days to get 20% off the Dollar section, so what are you waiting for, run to Target!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Word "less" Wednesday

Monday, November 18, 2013

Did you Know?

On Facebook recently, there is this post going around that if you like the post you are given a number and then you have to list that many things about yourself. I loved reading what people were posting so I liked a post and was given a number.  I had so much fun with it that I thought, why not tell my readers a little more they might not know.

For instance......

Did you know that I don't eat gooey fruit or that I won't eat a pie with fruit in it.

I won't sleep in a bed unless it has been made. This means even at 10pm at night if its not made, I will make it, go do something else and then come back and open it.

I hate peanut butter and jelly (goes back to the gooey fruit).

I used to run decades ago.

The first time I ever spent the night in the hospital was when I gave birth to Henry and the only time I've ever had surgery was having a c-section with Mary.

Henry got his name from Lou Gehrig. We were watching a Yankees game and they were talking about Henry Louis Gehrig and I said I didn't know his first name was Henry. Charlie said, yes and I said I like it. From then on, we went with the name Henry.

I've never been to California or anywhere on the west coast.

I went to Paris for a day and crammed in every tourist attraction possible.

I've never had my hair professionally colored and the only time it was colored was by friends in college.

I hate high heels.

I worked in a bar called the Salty Nut for maybe two weeks in college. I showed up and the door was locked one day. It did reopen, but I never went back. I just wanted the t shirt.

This past August was the 5th year of this blog.

So, there is some more useless knowledge about me. Do you have any interesting facts about yourself? Like the post and I will give you a number.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


This was the best one we got with her without us in it, lol. Going in the memory book for sure.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bath Time Fun!

She is all T R O U B L E.

Oh, Bear.

I tried to get some pictures of Bear (the name we all call her now) this morning, but in true Bear fashion, she had her own agenda.

Her hair is out of control these days and frankly, so is she. I guess I did get some good pictures, because these all represent her to a tee. Loving, smiling, kissing, and the what are you doing look (we get that a lot).

In two short months, she will be 2....where or where did the time go.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First Holiday Craft

This was a really fun and easy craft if you have a machine that cuts vinyl. If you don't and you love crafting, I suggest you get one.

I purchased the file for the wording from Kerri Bradford Studio and bought the shadow box, jingle bells and scrap paper from Hobby Lobby.

My friend sent me the pin on Pinterest and I fell in love. I didn't add as many bells as they have but  I guess I could add more. I also used smaller bells then the actual pin for the silver ones and the red and green are larger.

I'm pretty much in love and trying to figure out where it will go in the house during the holidays.

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Disney Countdown

Yep, 36 days until we are in the land of the Mouse.

I don't think I have blogged about this trip at all. We have actually known about this trip since last December. We are going with Charlie's office to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their firm. Everyone is going and by everyone, I mean everyone and their family from the firm. To say Henry is excited would be an understatement.

We are trying to get Mary all into it, but we don't have to do too much because she is already in love with everything Disney. Her favorite besides Minnie and Mickey, is Woody from Toy Story. She loves him and gets so excited when she sees him on TV. I cannot wait to see her reaction when she sees the characters.

We are staying at the Disney Yacht Club, which I have never stayed at, so I'm excited about that. Especially, since it is so convenient to all things Disney. The trip for the office is Thursday to Sunday, but we are going a day early. We have no plans for Wednesday but are hoping to hit up Epcot in the late afternoon. Thursday morning, we are going to Chef Mickey and then heading over to Walt Disney World. That night we have reservations at Be Our Guest. I cannot begin to tell you how excited, I am about that!

Friday, we will head over to Animal Kingdom and then that night we have a special dinner with everyone that is going on the trip. Saturday, is Disney Studios and will use our park hopper to get back to anything we have missed.

Sunday, we have a character breakfast with everyone and then we fly back home. When we get home, Christmas will only be a week away! My family is going to be on a high the entire month of December and I'm not sure we will be able contain the kids. They sure are some lucky ducks, actually we all are because this trip is going to be amazing!