The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family: July 2013

The Nardiello Family

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Word "less" Wednesday

Monday, July 29, 2013

A lesson in Lego's

Henry learned a little lesson this weekend, did it stick probably not, but he understood it on Saturday.

He has been obsessed with Star Wars and legos, like non stop talking about it. We told him that if he had a good week at school and at home, we would take him to the Lego store. He did pretty well, except for the night we tried to sell him on Facebook. We did get some good offers, but of course we kept him.

He turned his week around and for the most part had a great week. So, Saturday morning, we emptied his piggy bank and took his change to the coin machine. We told him that he could use his own money at the store and that he could not spend more than $25. Lego's are expensive so cutting him off at $10 wasn't going to work.

I think it was the fastest trip ever, it might have taken us longer to drive there. He walked in, saw the Lego he saw online, picked it up and walked to the counter. I was like what just happened...we didn't have to try and talk him into another one, we didn't have to tell him he couldn't have the $100 one, whoa. Charlie helped him at the register with his money and he paid for it all himself. He was very excited to give the guy the money and get his change back. He promptly put his change in his pocket and he was off.

We asked him why he got it and what did he learn. He told us that he was a good listener that week and that he had good days at school and he knows that if he is good, that good things come to him.  He got it for that moment but just like all kids, he asked when he can go back again. We told him not for awhile and that he will have to build his piggy bank back up. He just smiled and was on his way.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Word "less" Wednesday

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sunflower Mini Session

I guess it was a little over a week ago that we had some pictures taken by amazing Helen John Photography. If you haven't heard me rave about her, go check her out and see why I rave.

I think in May she sent out her newsletter and in that newsletter it said Sunflower Mini's. I knew in heart beat we would be doing them. I told Charlie he was not going to talk me out of it and I didn't care how much it cost, I was doing it. I have always envisioned my daughter in a white eyelet dress standing in a sunflower field.

I emailed Helen, booked the session and went on my search for the perfect dress. A mom friend of mine showed me a picture of one she just saw and I as soon as I saw it, I knew it was the perfect dress.

I emailed Anne and she was able to make me one in Mary's size.  The dress came and it was GORGEOUS. The store on Etsy is ElliebellieDresses - go check her out, she is so easy to work with and her pricing is great.

Henry's outfit on the other hand was pretty easy - khaki shorts and his GAP shirt. Boys can be so easy, sometimes. Of course I had to use bribery the day of the shoot, but whatever we got the shots.

It was finally the day of the shoot. It was about 95 with humidity at 100% - my was it hot. I met Helen with the kids and we walked down this dirt path to a field of sunflowers. It was just about the most gorgeous scene, I have ever seen. I prayed Mary wasn't in Diva mode and Henry was in a good mood.

You be the judge....

Yep, they turned out fabulous. Now, Mary isn't smiling but those pictures are her, her to a tee.  These pictures show my children in how I see them daily. We get that stare from Mary all the time and Henry well, he is just my happy go lucky kid.

I can't wait to get these printed and put up around the house. I'm so in love with them and can't wait to do our family pictures in the Fall.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Road Trip!

This past weekend, I took a road trip home to New Jersey, by myself. Driving in a car for four hours with no kids yelling and no Elmo blaring in your ear is pretty surreal.

My first stop was my brother's house. Had a little lunch there, changed and we were off to see Taylor Swift. Apparently the guy at Quick Check when we got sandwiches thought I needed free food. I wasn't going to complain about that. The concert was in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial. I have never been to a stadium concert before so I was pretty excited.

We got there, ate in the car and went in. Now, let me talk to you about the heat - OMG it was like sitting on the sun. There was a breeze at times but my lord, was it hot.

She really puts on a good show. She sang for two hours and she sang the songs you wanted to hear. These type of concerts are more shows then actual concerts, if that even makes sense. This show was sold out and the crowd was really into it.

It was a great time and I hope my niece had a blast. We didn't get home until almost 1:30am so that was a little crazy, but like I said totally worth it.

Saturday morning, I said good bye to my family and headed to west to see Kimberly and her family.  We had a nice little breakfast, packed the kids up and headed to Main Street. Did a little walking, a little lunching and a little shopping. We even got a little ice cream. Real, ice cream, not fro yo, not Coldstone, real, oh my goodness I'm in heaven, ice cream.

After nap we took a little trip to Target - I won't go into detail about Target but let's just day someone had to come and unlock the car for us.

That night we headed out and met up with two our two other bestsies for dinner at Satis. If you are in Jersey City, go to Satis, it is fabulous. I promise you will not go wrong. It was so great to catch up with everyone. It doesn't matter how long we go not seeing each other, because when you are friends for 33 years, you don't skip a beat. We laughed, we drank and we ate. I hated saying good bye because I know it will be awhile before all of us are together again.

Sunday morning came and it was time to go home. We had breakfast, chatted and I packed my bag to leave. It's always hard leaving but I was excited to get home to my family too.

Thank you everyone for a great and fabulous weekend. Can't wait do it again!

Friday, July 12, 2013


I've really been putting my Silhouette to work this summer. Last month, I posted some things I had made for Henry and now here are some things I made for our summer beach trips and some friends.

The first, our beach spikes, that I bought through a Craft Buy on FB. I got them at a great price because everyone bought them in bulk. I used my Silhouette to cut the monogram vinyl. I did have to buy the circle monogram font but I'm sure you could use any kind of font.

I still need to make a few more before we head to the beach in August. My whole family will have one, even Mare Bear. Her drink is just as important.

My next project was for some friends who wanted these.

I found the mason jars at WalMart. They are actually double plastic and weren't too expensive. I found the Keep Calm font online for free and purchased the mason jar on the Silhouette site. I thought they looked good but what really got me, was that Charlie commented on it. I had them on the table and he must have saw them because later we walked by them and he told me that they came out really good. Of course, the business side of him, told me I need to sell them for profit. It's a good idea but I don't know about that just yet.

I'm really look forward to do some back to school items for the kids in August. Not quite sure what I am going to monogram for them but I'm sure I will find stuff!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Mary

Mary is 18 months today, 18 months. Where did the time go? Seriously, I have no idea where the time went. These 18 months have been quick and she is certainly turning into a little lady.

She is known as Diva or Mare Bear (Henry's favorite), she has an attitude that can top any 13 year old girl, she is mostly smiles and she loves to go night night. Her eyes are still as blue as ever. Her hair is dirty blonde but you can see red highlights in there too.  She will tell you when she is mad and she will let you know when it is time to snuggle. If she is saying Hi to you at the store, say Hi back, because you will get the best smile in return.

Her brother is her biggest fan and she is totally a Daddy's girl. No one gets a welcome like he does, when he comes in the door at night. She is starting to talk a little more. Her owl is her best friend and has to know where it is at all times. Loves her Mickey Mouse and her Leena (daycare teacher). She is the light in our life and has us wrapped around her little finger.

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Mary!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Okay so it's July 9th not even close to Halloween, but I saw them and I bought them. Zulily had Star Wars as one of their sales today and they had dress up costumes! They also had a ton of other great Star Wars items, but I contained myself.

For Henry....

A Luke Skywalker costume. The best part - no mask because he hates masks.

For Mary...

Yes, out little Diva is going to be an Ewok, her brother would have it no other way.

Okay, back to vacation planning.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Night Night

Yep, that is how easy it is to put Mary to bed. You say the words, "Night, night" and she is ready. A big difference from Henry at this age. I'm pretty sure we were still fighting every night time battle with him at 18 months. Not Mary, she would jump into the crib if she could. I just hope it stays that way.