Sunday, December 14, 2014

Willowsford Christmas Party

Last night we hosted our street's Christmas party. It was a blast and I of course enjoyed decorating the house and the tables for the party. The best part is that we all decided to hire a Chef to come and cook for us, best.decision.ever. Not only did he cook amazing food, he had two assistants that helped him and cleaned up all the dishes and glasses! I will link you to his website at the end of the post.

Here are some pictures of my "table scapes", Sandra Lee would be so proud.

Not sure why I only have a picture of this table and I am actually very sad I don't have the other tables from last night. I only have these two pictures of the other two tables and you can see they are not complete.

Here is a close up of the place setting. I found those chalkboards at Michael's in their dollar section, I think they were 2 for $1.50. Couldn't beat the price and then I just added some vinyl and was in love with the way they came out. The napkins I found at a restaurant supply store. It was just a very lucky find because it was the only color they had and they were $1. It was exactly the pop of color the table needed.

Chef Sed was our chef and he was so friendly and made such a great dinner. Here is him working his magic in the kitchen.

He made chicken marsala, braised short ribs, glazed carrots, these amazing mashed potatoes and for dessert there was cheesecake and cookies. Everything was so yum!

After dinner we did a white elephant gift exchange. That was a blast, the rules were if you stole a gift you had to take a shot of Fireball. Gifts were stolen and and shots were taken. Hot items were an outhouse that played Christmas music, a metal dart drinking game and two pounds of bacon, yes two pounds of bacon. Here is a picture of the guys playing the dart game.

It was such a great night and I'm glad we have moved into another great neighborhood with amazing people.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, November 14, 2014

oops - one month

Forgive me readers for I have not written, it has been one month since my last blog post. Wow, I've never gone that long. The stuff that we have done in that month, most people stretch out for a year. So, let's get updated.

About a month ago, Charlie and I had a weekend trip in DC. It was through his office. We had a great time with his co workers and sleeping in a hotel without kids was outstanding. Melissa and Abdul watched the kids and I am not sure who looked more tired when we walked in on Sunday, them or the kids. Then two hours later we repacked, dropped the kids off and headed up to Albany for Nanny's funeral.  Beautiful services and as always great to see family. We really need to get to Albany more with the kids.

The next weekend we had pictures taken by my very talented friend Kendrah. Here are some of my faves.These will be coming to a Christmas card near you in the next month.

Sunday, I took Mary to see Disney on Ice with our friends. She loved it and wants to go back. She actually thought we would be ice skating but whatever, she was happy through the whole show.

Hmmm, what's next, Halloween? Yes, Halloween. We had a great time in the neighborhood trick or treating and Mary really got into it this year. She was all about getting the candy. Mary was Jessie from Toy Story and Henry was Optimus Prime.

Then after Halloweem, Charlie and I hosted an 80's Halloween party. So much fun and such great costumes! Everyone dressed up, well they had too and people came up with great ideas. Here is group picture from the night. People already have asked what next year's theme will be, working on that.

I mean look at that picture. Everyone did AWESOME and I won't even begin to tell you how many different jello shots there were. Clean up was brutal, but totally it.

I'm pretty sure some where in the midst of all this Henry lost his fourth tooth eating a blueberry waffle. He really lost the tooth too so he had to put the waffle box under his pillow so she would know to leave the money. Last month an apple, this month Leggo my Eggo.

OH! We also had two kids with strep in there too. That was fun, said no mom ever.

Now we are into the first week in November and honestly it was probably the first quiet week in a month. Henry didn't have school on Monday and Tuesday that week and we all survived.

Then Saturday, we had a Birthday party and our friends Nick and Kim took our kids so we could go out. Those crazy kids. It was nice to eat without kids and we will return the favor next month to them. We hope to keep alternating.

This week we painted. I had asked that we have the dining room painted before Christmas dinner and Charlie said we can paint the upstairs too. My mouth dropped but was quickly picked up because I had 48 hours to pick out colors. Yes, 48 hours. People chose colors for months and go back and forth back and forth. Not here, you pick it, you paint it, your stuff goes on the wall. Ten rooms, seven different paint colors. I did know that I wanted Navy in the dining room so that room was easy. Here are some pictures.

Oh wait, I forgot, all during the time, I was preparing for my first craft thingy ever! It's tonight and I think I have everything I need. Here are the items I'm selling.

I can't forget to mention other tid bits like.....Mary not sleeping through the night for the past three weeks, Henry getting his first report card ever, Baseball for Henry ended, the Gamecocks just sucking and probably drank more bottles of wine then I want to admit but it's my crazy life and I love it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Pretty sure I think my kids think Christmas is next week. I have been busy working on Christmas crafts for a Sip and Shop, I was asked to participate in.

Here is what we have so far.

I still have a few more things to work on and the show isn't until November but I am so nervous and really I have no idea if I'm ready to start selling my work.