Tuesday, July 29, 2014

White Belt

In the  midst of packing, closing and moving, Henry earned his white belt last Friday. Here are some pictures from the graduation. We think we might continue but haven't decided yet. He did love it, so we shall see.

Monday, July 28, 2014

House Progress

We've been here less then a week and I'm impressed with all that we have gotten done. We have been busy emptying boxes like crazy, thanks to my parents and Grandpa and Gayle. There are still boxes but at least we have tackled most of them.

Here are some pictures of what has been done.

We are far from anything being complete but again I have to remind myself, it hasn't even been a week.

We also had the fence installed and I think Rudy might be the happiest dog on the planet. He just loves running and rolling in the grass out there.

I will update as we go along and show the progress of the house. As for now, we are just happy to be in and enjoying the space.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Easy Pinterest Project EVER.

No joke, took tops 2 minutes. Table is from Ikea. It is called the Lack side table and depending on the color you get depends on the price. I wanted red so that was $14.99, but grey that day was $3.99.

I then went to Toys R Us and bought the Lego squares. They ended costing more then the table at $5.99 a piece (same as Amazon). Bought some spray adhesive at Home Depot for around $4 and well, that's it.

I laid the pieces down and then picked them up one by one and sprayed them. I also sprayed the adhesive to the table and I was done. 

We still have to attach the legs to the table but Henry was very excited to see it done. I think he said, finally. Yeah kid, I'm glad too, because it means we move in two days.