The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dusting Off

Looks like I took a really long time off from blogging last year. I had so many posts in my head but I just never got around to writing them! I thought maybe I was done with this whole blog thing but in the past few months, I have run into people and they actually asked why I haven't written in so long and they missed my posts.

Who would have thought.

Then yesterday, at Henry's new school, his teacher new it was just his Birthday because she googled and found my blog. I was really blown away that she took the time do that to make him feel at home on his first day.

Anyways, there will be lots of changes to the blog. I am going to move to Wordpress and I will be changing the name of the blog. All of my old posts will still be here so I am excited about that. I can't wait to get a fresh new look in 2016 and start blogging again...a lot has changed since my last post!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Last Day

Today was Mary's last day of her 2.5 year old pre school class. She had a great time and her teachers were so wonderful. Mary's class is actually the last class for both of her teachers, We wish them the best in their new adventures.

First Day of School.

Last Day of School.

I think she turned into a teenager this year, sigh.

While I am excited about our summer, there is one thing I'm sad about and that is my time with Henry. On Wednesday and Friday, Henry and I had our time together while Mary was at school and now that will be gone. I can't believe he will be in first grade, it's hitting me harder then Kindergarten.

Of course I am being all sentimental this morning with him and saying to him, we won't have our time or our Dunkin Donuts. His response, "Mom, we can just go get them on the weekend, no big deal." Gotta love a 6 year old telling you to stop being sentimental, lol. But, he's right, we can have other me and him time, it doesn't have to end.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Closer

Putting Mary to bed is pretty much like the kiss of death. It has good weeks and it has bad weeks, some weeks we flip a coin, this week we added a new player to the game, Henry.

Sunday night, they asked for a sleepover and we said no. It was a busy weekend and we didn't know how an actual sleepover would go. So, Charlie won that night and put Mary to bed. He laid with her at her request,  "just two minutes, Daddy, just lay with me for two minutes." So, he did and then kissed her good night. Ten minutes later you hear her singing and then you hear her talking to Henry. Charlie goes up and puts back her in bed. A few minutes later, we hear her again. This time in the bathroom and then we hear Henry. Ten minutes later, Henry comes down and says, his show is over. We ask him, where Mary went. He said, "Oh, I put her to bed, don't worry, I took care of it." Charlie and I just sat there in amazement.  She even slept thru the night, it was pretty amazing.

Tonight, Charlie is at the Yankees/Nats game and I had an event in the community. I come home and hear Mary singing in her room. Henry comes up and says, I put her to bed, again. I look at Gayle, and she confirms it. She said, "I put her to bed, but she came out and then Henry took over." He was so proud. When I went to take him to bed, he looked in on her to see if she was sleeping. She must have every stuffed animal around her. I asked him, if he did that and he said, "yes, mom they are protecting her." I mean, can a mom's heart break right there.

It's amazing how at times you would think they were going to kill each other but then you have moments like this, where they really do like each other. I love watching their relationship grow and I love that Henry is able to calm her and put her to bed. I guess we can stop flipping coins and just bring in our closer going forward.