The Nardiello Family

The Nardiello Family: January 2011

The Nardiello Family

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The other week I was shopping in Home Goods. I have to go there weekly because I am addicted and they are always getting new stuff in.

Last week as I am wandering around in Home Goods and a lady stops me. She says I see you have a kids stool with an airplane on it. I assumed she wanted to know where I found it. She then proceeds to tell me that her son just turned 10 and they have just changed his whole room from airplanes. I'm like okay lady, that is nice. Then the good part......she tells me she has this Pottery Barn airplane rug that she was going to donate but if I wanted it, I could come and pick it up. My eyes probably lit up, because I knew it would be perfect for Henry's room. She gives me her cell number and tells me to call her tomorrow.

I tell Charlie the story and make him promise that he will go with me. I didn't want to be abducted by this family over a free airplane rug. Saturday morning rolls around and I am a little sketched about calling this women but I did and we arranged for me to pick up the rug.

My mouth dropped when I saw it. Perfect colors, perfect size, perfect everything! She even gave me some airplane picture and wooden airplanes. I plan to hang the airplanes from Henry's ceiling with fishing wire but I have not gotten that far yet.

In Henry's words,TA DA......

Thank you Home Goods shopper for the perfect rug for my son's room!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Antics of Henry

Lately, this child has been killing us with his antics.

Here are some of his best:

We put him to bed and lay down with him, then after so long we say good night. He will run to the door after you and watch you close it. We then have to hide because he opens the door, looks out and then when he doesn't see us, he closes it and we can hear his feet pitter patter back to his bed.

Last night we were at dinner and he was doing great. The check came and he was still just sitting there eating random french fries. So, we told him that we have ice cream cake at home....he picks up his head, throws down the fry, claps his hands together, says all done and let's go. The whole way home he is saying "ice cream" and "happy birfday". We get home and sing Happy Birthday and then I get up to get forks and he says "get the fork, get the fork". I about fell over from laughing. He was so excited to eat the cake.

He likes to sing, Happy Birthday and Frosty the Snowman are two of his current favorites.  He also likes to sing, "Bah Bah, black sheep, have you any wool, yas sir, yas sir, three four five."

He will sit at my laptop and crack up laughing at Funny Cat videos on YouTube. When he sees my computer he will point and say cats. I really need to videotape him watching them because it is hysterical.

Dancing and playing the piano. If he hears any song he will just start doing these crazy dances. He really gets his legs into into it. You can also ask him to play the piano during a song and he picks his hands up, points his fingers down and starts playing like Jerry Lee Lewis.

I swear we are laughing hard every night with him and we just never know what he is going to do next.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Need Decorating HELP!

We are looking at a dining room set at World Market. It is by no means fancy but we LOVE it. We love the color and the look and the hammer top finish, but does it say Dining Room?  This is not going to be our everyday table - this will be used two or three times a year but the room is a focal point in our house.

We would not use the bench. We would get the four chairs and then add two accent chairs. I can dress it up with a runner and some knick knacks.

Apparently, there used to be a hutch that went with it, but they don't sell it anymore. I am sure I could find a piece that goes with it???????

I am open for all suggestions!

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Been One Week.....

WOW. I don't even know if I know my name at this point. So many things have happened and gone on that it feels like everything was a month a go!

Here is a little recap....

We moved into the house on the 31st of December. Moving trucks and all we celebrated Henry's 2nd Birthday with pizza and cupcakes. Then it was a frantic rush to get things together in the house. I'm a little Type A so I felt the need to shop, hang and get rooms completed. We are not painting so I had to have things on the walls.

That was Friday through the weekend. On Monday, Charlie went to Honda to turn my car in and on Tuesday he came home with this:

I love it. It is not as big as my Pilot and it misses the dvd player but it does have bluetooth and seat warmers, plus the monthly payments are less.

Wednesday and Thursday were a lot more unpacking, shopping and hanging things on walls. I can't thank my parents enough for all their help and work that they have done in my house. If they were not here my house would not look the way it does! My mom and I have had a lot of fun shopping for some great goodies in the house.

Friday we had family coming. The Bolka's and Charlie's mom were coming in that night for Henry's party on Saturday. The house was in good shape so we were able to enjoy their company.

Saturday we had Henry's Choo Choo 2 party. We didn't have a blow out party like last year but we did have the same amount of fun with all our family. Henry loved everybody singing to him and he really loved opening his gifts! His cake was amazing and it was made by my brother and sister in law.

I hope Henry does not think we are going to celebrate his Birthday every day for a week going forward. We celebrated so many times that when my Dad was eating his cinnabon the other morning, Henry started singing Happy Birhtday!

The past week is a week I will never forget and again I can't even thank everyone enough for all there there help and support. My family is truly the best!